• Cait's Café

    Cait’s Café

    Located in the heart of Goderich, Cait’s Café surprises many with their delectable treats and rich but smooth coffees.

    Stop in for one of Cait’s famous croissants or stick around for something more substantial courtesy of our master chef Spencer Vail.

  • In your space

    In Your Space

    Book us for your corporate or special event, or indulge in our private chef service from the comfort of your own home.

  • “We buy Cait’s pre-proofed pastries at Samuels Hotel. We get to bake them fresh for our guests every morning! Everything we get from Cait’s Kitchen is the bomb!” – Kim

  • “Cait’s crescents remind me of Paris. Every time I bite into one…I’m transported back. Everything she makes is so superb and delicious and inventive!” – Cathy

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast that you catered yesterday for the Huron County Economic Development Board’s meeting. Have visions of those AMAZING breakfast sandwiches and maple glazed perigees still dancing in my head!” – Dory

  • “Wow! I just enjoyed or should I say inhaled a hot cross bun and it was incredible!” – Tricia

  • “(Our)dinner was absolutely amazing. Far exceeded my expectations. Unique, flavourful and presented with class.” – Mark H

What we have to offer


The Journey to Cait’s Café

“Everything begins with simple, high quality ingredients, and is handmade and fresh.“
Cait’s Kitchen began in November, 2014 when Cait was comfort baking due to a lack of job prospects. After the house was filled with butter tarts, cookies, and muffins, her husband, Spencer, joked she should sell her baked goods because he couldn’t possibly eat them all. Cait saw this as a challenge, and started her business right away. What humbly began as a monthly farmer’s market grew into weekly markets, full service catering, and a cafe. In the 1 1/2 year process, Spencer joined Cait’s Kitchen to help with the high demand.

What inspires Cait and Spencer most are the local suppliers and producers of Huron County. There is nothing quite like a local organic cherry tomato from Firmly Rooted Farm, or thick slices of Metzger bacon on a handmade butter croissant. Cait’s Cafe is FeastON certified, which is a criteria based program that ensures a percentage of their ingredients are sourced from within Ontario. Often, they source them from right here in Huron County.


168 Courthouse Square,
ON N7A 1N1

Sun: 10 - 4
Tues: Closed
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 8am - 5:30

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